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Stabilized Shooting

ShotOver F1

Aerial Stabilized Shooting

City Cam

Ground Vehicles Stabilized Shooting


Motor and Sailing Boat Stabilized Shooting

ShotOver F1

System Features

Quickly and easily interchange multiple cameras and lenses.

Compact size and weight allows affordable transport as freight or excess baggage.

Compatible with most FAA and EASA approved aircraft mounts.

Easily integrated onto a wide variety of mounting platforms.

6-axis gyro stabilized with look down capability.

Windowless operation for brilliant imagery without reflections.

Fiber optic video data transfer for clean 3GHz imagery.

Customizable graphics overlay for real time operator feedback.

Auto or Steerable horizon with the most advanced steering capabilities on the market.

State of the art electronics and design techniques deliver unshakable stability and ultimate functionality.

Inverted operation using auto-position detectors.

Remote controlled polarized filter rotation, rain deflector and other accessories available.

No ITAR or EAR restrictions.

ShotOver F1

System Specifications


6-axis with no gimbal lock
High performance non-ITAR sensors
Distributed Multi-process or closed loop servo control system
Proprietary gimbal control algorithms

Gimbal field of view

Fiber Optic lines
RS 422 Serial Bus

Data / Communication

Fiber Optic lines
RS 422 Serial Bus


Turret with max payload less than 55kg (122lbs)
Operator control unit 2.7kg (6lbs)
Junction control box 4kg (9lbs)
External cable set: 2.5kg (5.5lbs)


19-72 VDC
20 Amps Max draw (at 19VDC)


Operating Temperature: -20 to +50 degrees C

Operator Control Unit

Customizable video overlay (Monitor Output)
Recess for camera remotes such as:
Sony RM-B750
Arri RCU-4
Other control layouts available upon request

Camera Option

Arri Alexa M
RED Epic
Sony HDC 2500
Sony F55
Canon C500
Other cameras on request

Lens Options

Canon 30-300
Canon 14.5-60
Angenieux 15-40
Angenieux 17-80
Angenieux HR 25-250
Fujinon 42×13.5
Fujinon 42×9.7
Fujinon 23×7.6
Fujinon 14×4.5
Other lenses on request
Interchangeable filters on request


GPS Geo pointing
Auto tracking
Remote controlled polarized filter rotation
Window or rain deflector for environmental protection

Marine shooting

Celebrate the beauty of fluidity with our stunning stabilized footage, expertly captured on various watercraft.

Whether it’s the sleek lines of a motorboat or the graceful movement of a sailboat, our advanced stabilization technology ensures that every shot remains steady and cinematic, free from the sway of the waves, offering a unique perspective on aquatic adventures.

City Cam

Prepare for a journey of stabilized ground footage, whether navigating through the vibrant tapestry of cityscapes or immersing in the raw beauty of rugged landscapes.

Our City Car, equipped with cutting-edge ShotOver technology, ensures stability and precision in every frame, whether traversing bustling urban streets or venturing into off-the-grid adventures, capturing moments with unparalleled clarity and cinematic flair.